We work to the requirements as detailed by PSNC (Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee). Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible thereby creating minimal impact within stores during the data collection process.

Osiris MR are the country’s foremost provider of CPPQs in England and Wales, delivering successful CPPQ campaigns to some of the largest UK national chains As well as a variety of independent pharmacies

Osiris MR will support you every step of the way

We will provide a comprehensive pack containing

  • Detailed instructions on how to carry out the survey
  • Paper questionnaires in English and Welsh languages
  • Pre-paid envelopes
  • Store poster to encourage participation with QR code so patients can complete the survey online’?

Every store will have access to a scure web portal

  • Able to review progress, online portal updated twice daily with the latest returns
  • Surveys available online, both English and Welsh language
  • Surveys available to download and print


  • Full store reports will be made available via the reporting section of the online portal
  • Dashboard posters meeting PSNC requirements will be available as full question by question reports in PDF formats on the portal
  • A paper copy of the Poster (A4) and question by question report will be sent to the store

  Osiris MR customer service

  • Send you a reminder if there are any outstanding
  • Osiris MR will provide a helpline to stores to answer queries

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