Telephone research is a widely used market research methodology and forms the core part of many research projects.

Osiris MR utilises a CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system which ensures that the telephone interviewers follow the questionnaire without having to worry about routing or responses. Primarily the interviewers are able to concentrate on asking the questions and capturing the responses. Combining this with our sample management tool we are able to manage call lists, quota data and target potential respondents to specific interviewers; such as when there is a language need.

With the call centre actually in the building we are able to closely manage each project. All of our calls are recorded and we both review live and recorded interviews to ensure that quality and approach is maintained throughout the project.

Our market research manager has been working on telephone research projects both locally and internationally since the 1990's and has a wealth of experience across a range of consumer and business interviewing.

Besides quantitative research we are also able to offer qualitative research via the telephone. We tailor our teams to ensure the right person is undertaking the interview which may be with a member of the general public to a C-level business person.

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