Data Processing

Data processing is the backbone of the Osiris MR offering and stems from our long history of providing data processing solutions for other agencies and clients.

Osiris MR works directly with a number of organisations and local authorities to capture data collected when they have undertaken their own research or review studies.  We are able to take the paper and/or electronic data, standardise it and prepare the data for analysis, which we can either provide or return to allow you own team to manage.

As part of the data process the data processing team can typically start to pull important information from the data which can help with the coding/theme generation of any open or verbatim comments.

We have found through time that our relationship with clients who initially come on-board with data processing can turn into full clients using all of the services we have to offer.  One recent such transfer has seen Osiris MR move from the data processing of 100,000 customer surveys to the full specification and delivery of the on-going survey which involves the coordination of work across a 700+ store estate.


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