Have you ever wondered how people make sense of all of the open comments people make on surveys?

How can you turn complex statements into measurable data?

The answer to both of these questions is through a process called coding, which shouldn't be confused with writing computer software.  Coding or creating themes from data sounds quiet a simple process; you turn peoples comments into quantifiable data.  But, it isn't a simple process to complete.  People who can code well take time to train and it isn't something anybody can do, although I know a few who have tried.

A number of our clients use our coding skills either in isolation or as part of their project.  It allows them to capture the richness of peoples comments with the usefulness of knowing how many people felt the same or similar.

At Osiris we don't just code the first view either we can review all of the respondents information and extract all of the pertinent information from the whole passage.

This has proved useful in a number of recent projects including

  • A review of local authority care services
  • Feedback from a community consultation about road changes
  • Customer feedback with regard to store performance

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