Remove from mailing lists

Removing an address from a mailing

A number of publishers ask Osiris MR to coordinate their returned mailing and unwanted mail.

We collate and pass on these removals to the publishing company concerned for occurrences such as: -

  • Mailing is no longer required
  • Addressee is no longer at that address
  • Addressee is deceased

In all cases you can either contact us by phone or complete the contact form to the right ->

Please provide the name and address as it appears on the envelope. If there are any reference numbers please include those as it helps to identify the correct person to remove.

In most cases we will send the request as soon as we receive it although it can take the publishers up to 28 days to fully comply.  If mail is received after the 28 days please contact us again and we will recontact the publisher on your behalf.


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