Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research explores underlying reasons, opinions and motivations.

It can provide insight into developing ideas, understanding problems and formulating hypotheses for quatitative research. It is a good way to get inside your customers or users mind.

Qualitative Research can be undertaken in a number of ways:-

  • As a face-to-face interview
    • in street
    • on the doorstep
    • in the home or office environment
  • As a focus group
    • In a hall
    • at a work location
    • as an online forum
  • As a part of a quantitative survey
    • Although this is limited in the information collected it could lead to a more in-depth survey being undertaken

Qualitative interviewers are well trained and develop strong skills for revealing the answers to the questions whilst remaining impartial; after all it is the view of the respondent that you are interested in.

Focus group moderators are equally well trained in order to be able to keep the participants on track whilst leading the discussion to cover the topics required without letting any one individual dominate the proceeding.

Osiris MR has delivered numerous qualitative studies and have good relations with other specialist agencies to ensure that we are able to meet client expectations


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