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Osiris MR Limited is a professional full-service market research agency based in Nottingham. We are a Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner organisation and have been independently audited to the ISO 20252 International Standard For Market Research.

Our aim is simply to provide reliable data and cost-effective research results. All our projects are delivered by a nominated single point of contact who is a certified member of the Market Research Society with many of years of experience. We are committed to the delivering a quality service so we work within the MRS Code of Conduct.

We work in partnership with all our clients using an open, honest and ethical approach to all interactions. This approach ensures that we fully understand and appreciate the purpose and needs of the survey we are conducting on your behalf.

Our dedication to delivering a quality service means that we will ask you to sign off at key milestones of the project and seek your guidance, where relevant, to ensure the final data answers your specific needs. We will always provide detailed notes following any meeting whether face-to-face, on the telephone or via Skype.

ISO 20252

Osiris MR Limited is accredited with ISO 20252. This accreditation ensures that our staff and processes are audited and meet the International Standards for Market Research. This gives you, the client/respondent, an assurance that we will provide you with a quality of service which is designed to meet your research needs.

Our internal processes are designed to exceed the minimum requirements of certification./p>

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